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Sue L. Ling Wong, CFP®, MSFP

Sue L. Ling Wong, CFP®, MSFP

As a first generation born and raised in San Francisco, CA., in a family with five siblings with limited resources, Sue, knew that hard work and determination would be the keys to success at an early age. During her freshman year in high school, she discovered her love for Accounting, while truth be told, she said, “It was the accounting courses that kept me in school, and yes, that sounds strange for kid, but it was a subject that made sense and it clicked for me”. While being successful in the corporate world was gratifying in its own way, she found that being able to make a positive impact for individuals and families is so much more gratifying because it would have benefited her parents and many other families in their days.

Sue empowers her clients to make smart decisions with their money allowing them to focus on what is important to them while achieving their goals. By partnering with her clients, she strives to create a unique plan and discover overlooked planning opportunities. She provides a consultative approach to wealth management utilizing a Nobel Prize winning investment strategy (The Bucket Plan®). This process allows her to improve and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan, which directly addresses (sequence of returns) growth and inflation with a focus on minimizing taxes through the Tax Management Journey℠.

To ensure she provides best practices and a holistic approach to financial planning, she obtained a Master of Science Degree in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University along with achieving her CFP® Certification in 2007. As an independent advisor, she has helped individuals, families, and businesses with wealth management, insurance, tax, and advanced estate planning for over twenty years. As a Master Elite IRA Advisor with Ed Slott’s group for the past sixteen years, Sue can provide the most up to date regulation-aware planning for IRA and retirement accounts.

Sue is a proud parent of two, Shannan and Walter. In her spare time, she enjoys watching basketball, walking her dogs, Bandit and Gucci, and listening to financial podcasts.

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